Jacob Mynett-Smith

As Simon Bliss This is Jacob’s first show with BTG and up until now he has only be involved with school productions (both acting and directing). Jacob went to the USA at Christmas 2018 and took part in and completed the Premiere Program for young performers over a...

Sue Dorman

As Clara.

Sue has been a member of BTG for about 25 years and has acted, directed and operated many backstage roles over that time.

Dawn Leslie

As Jackie Coryton.

Dawn is enjoying playing the part of this dim-witted but good-hearted flapper, having previously portrayed the characters of Maudie and Ann Welch in two Rattigan works — Flare Path and The Deep Blue Sea — as well as Clarice in A Servant of Two Masters.

Ben Sansum

As Richard Greatham. Ben can’t stay away from the stage. Last time he performed, he had to carry Sir Ian McKellen off on a stretcher eight times a week in Chichester!

Chris Wood

As Sandy Tyrell.
This is Chris’s first production with BTG and in fact the first time he has taken to the stage since his student days.