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The Cocktail Party

by TS Eliot

Wednesday 4th June to Saturday 7th June 2003

The Beacon Centre
01494 677764

Steel Magnolias

by Robert Harling

performed by BTG February 1997

A Comedy

The close-knit women at Truvy's Beauty Salon, the unofficial hub of Chinquapin, have lots of time to gossip.

Their husbands - - absent, depressed, or dead - - have made sure of that.

Consequently, visitors to the salon get more than a wash and cut. The wise-cracking Truvy, with the help of her new glamour technician Annelle, dispenses shampoo with liberal doses of free advice and gossip to the town's curmedgeon, Ouiser; an eccentric millionaire, Miss Clairee, and the local town social worker, M'Lynn, whose daughter, Shelby, is on the verge of marriage.

Alternately hilarious and touching, the play focuses on the comaderie of these six Southern women who talk, gab, gossip, chitchat, needle and harangue each other through the best of times - - and cry, caress, comfort and repair one another through the worst. They're soul mates in a rarefied way that assumes a cult of femininity - - sisters come hell and high water. Pushing laughter and pain together, Steel Magnolias pulls tears from even the most cynical eyes. The women at Truvy's beauty parlour are the steel magnolias of the title: Southern belles, flowery on the outside, but strong enough inside to survive any challenge, many of which are presented through the course of the narrative.

Scenes from Steel Magnolias were entered into the local festivals.

Directed by Cindy Linley

Helen Sharman as Truvy Jones
Kate Gold as Annelle Dupuy-Desoto
Sheila Anderson as Clairee Belcher
Claire Greene as Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie
Sue Dorman as MíLynn Eatenton
Jenny Duffy as Ouiser Boudreaux
Phil Howe as DJ

Assistant to Director - Chris Quelch
Stage Manager - Eleanor Bateman
ASMs - Andrew Hallmark and Graham Southgate
Properties - Lesley Buckley
Assisted By - Diana Nabavi and Jackie Hunt
Wardrobe - Denise Lathom-Sharp and Kay Rogers
Dressers - Denise Lathom-Sharp, Kay Rogers, Irene Bird and Ann Wyllie
Hair Advisor - Marsha Buckles
Sound - Neil Ridyard and Andrew Hallmark
Lighting - Andrew Rogers and Dave Gibson
Set Design - Graham Southgate and John Twydle
Special Decorations and Set Dressing - Lynne Benest and David Buckley
Set Construction - Members of BTG
Front of House and Box Office - Barnaby Lathom-Sharp
Photography - Norman Robson
Programme Cover and Poster DesignCarol Smith
Publicity and Programme Artwork - Sue Dorman

This production was performed at The Beacon Centre on 12th to 15th February 1997.

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