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The Herbal Bed

by Peter Whelan

March 2nd-5th 2005

The Beacon Centre
01494 677236

Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward

performed by BTG November 1998

A Comedy

All the action takes place within the normal goings-on of the Condomine household. Husband and wife (Charles and Ruth Condomine) are awaiting their guests for a small dinner party. Charles, a successful writer, has invited Madame Arcati, the local eccentric who is a self-declared medium, to join their group under false pretenses. He hopes this evening to reward him with some juicy first-hand experiences that he plans to use in his new novel that features a charlatan psychic. Arcati is destined to end up the brunt of many jokes tonight.

Peppered with rapid repartee and comedic quips, the Condomines and their guests press Madame Arcati into a seance, at the end of which something has definitely gone wrong. No one, except Charles, knows what it could be. We quickly discover that Elvira, Charles' deceased first wife, is back from beyond and is intent on stirring up excitement. She is visible only to Charles, much to the disappointment of Madame Arcati and much to the vexation of Ruth.

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