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Single Spies

by Alan Bennett

The famous double bill

This is a double bill of "An Englishman Abroad" and "A Question of Attribution", covering a moment in time of Guy Burgess's life in Moscow following his defection to the USSR and Anthony Blunt's unscheduled meeting with Her Majesty while he was reviewing some of the Royal Collection.

Parts to be cast:
An Englishman Abroad
Peter Gilchrist as Anthony Burgess
Lousie Kavanagh as Coral Browne
Jonathan King as Tolya
Michael Duffy as Tailor
Paul Godfrey as Shop Assistant

A Question of Attribution
Jeff Walker as Blunt
Barnaby Latham-Sharpe as Restorer
Laurence Parker as Chubb
Gareth Webb as Phillips
Jonathan King as Colin
Cindy Linley as HMQ

Audition date:

Show dates:

Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th February 2004


The Beacon Centre
Holtspur Way, Holtspur
Box Office 01494 677764

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