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Laying The Ghost

by Simon Williams

A Comedy

The action takes place in a retirement home for actors and actresses.

The plot revolves around an ex-actress by the name of Margot Buchanan who is trying to forget that it is her 70th birthday! Unfortunately for her, most of the residents around her are keen on celebrating it!

Throw in Margot's psychic friend Freda, keen on her ‘The Full Monty’ jigsaw, Mrs. Kidd - the no nonsense manager of the Home - Margot's philandering, womanising ex-husband Sir Leo Buchanan, Judy his current wife, and Sadie Croft, an aspiring young actress and current dalliance.

Sir Leo unfortunately suffers a fatal heart attack, and the scene is set for much chaos and hilarity as his ghost appears, anxious to sort out matters between his three women, and visible only to Freda!

Everything does sort itself out but not before a deeply touching ending when Margot receives a very unexpected birthday gift.

Lynne Benest as Freda
Cassie Sharp as Margot
Chris Quelch as Mrs Kidd
Helen Sendal as Lady Judy Buchanan
Claire Greene as Sadie
Andrew Rogers as Sir Leo

19th to 22nd November 2003

at 8pm


The Beacon Centre
Mayflower Way, Holtspur
Box Office 01494 677764

Tickets: £7.00 & £5.50 concessions

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