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Laying The Ghost

by Simon Williams

19th to 22nd November 2003

The Beacon Centre
01494 677764

Ring Round The Moon

by Jean Anouilh

performed by BTG May 1985

A Play

A fable about twin brothers - Frederic, who is shy and sensitive, and Hugo, who is heartless and aggressive.

Frederic is in love with a hussy who is in love with Hugo. To save Frederic from an unhappy marriage, Hugo tries to distract him by bringing to a ball a beautiful dancer who masquerades as a mysterious personage and becomes the triumph of the occasion. She is a susceptible maiden in her own right. She not only breaks up all the cynical romances that have been going on before she arrived, but loses her own heart as well.

Produced by Sue Thorndike

John Hone as Joshua
Peter Witts as Hugo
Peter Witts as Frederic
Helen Sharman as Diana Messerschmann
Avril Slingsby as Lady India
Paul Richards as Patrica Bombelles
Aviva Wiseman as Madame Desmortes
Olive Robson as Capulet
Dickon Thorndike as Messerschmann
Stuart Kellett as Romainville
Llyn Saunders as Isabelle
Evelyn Frith as Her Mother
Gina Ricahrds as A Maid
Phillip Rogers, Michael Wiseman, Kath Gold, Keith Pressnell, Norman Robson and other members of BTG as Guests and Desmortes Household

Assistant to the Producer Marion Baldwin
Production Co-Ordinator Lynne Benest
Stage Manager Glenys Rhys Williams
ASM Norman Robson
Set Design Keith Pressnell
Set Construction Keith Pressnell, Paul Richards
Properties Sue Garnett and Kath Gold
Sound Peter Peck
Lighting Martin Elson and Andrew Rogers
Costume Sue Thorndike and Rita Pressnell
Hair Vanessa Yates
Publicity Helen Sharman and Sue Roper
Press Officer Helen Sharman
Front of HouseAnthea Ashwell
Box Office Bernard Cane and Olive Robson
Photography Norman Robson
Poster and Programme Design Ann Richens
Tango Choreography Joan Carne

This production was performed at The Chiltern Theatre.

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