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Laying The Ghost

by Simon Williams

19th to 22nd November 2003

The Beacon Centre
01494 677764

The Double Dealer

by William Congreve

performed by BTG November 1988

A Restoration Comedy

The Double Dealer revolves around a socialite who deceives everyone with the simple device of telling the plain truth.

In The Double Dealer marriage for love is seen through the eyes of the hero Mellefont, and his bride-to-be Cynthia. The play takes place during their elegant engagement party the night before the wedding at the Touchwoods’ house. Their marriage, along with that of the other couples, the Plyants and the Froths, is one of means, status and wealth.
The men in these marriages remain unaware of the double dealing of their wives, who are receiving and responding to the advances of two foppish young bachelors.

Directed by Duncan MacDougal

Andrew Rogers as Maskwell
Keith Pressnell as Lord Touchwood
Clive Rogers as Mellefont
John Sharman as Careless
Norman Robson as Lord Froth
Stuart Kellett as Brisk
Dickon Thorndike as Sir Paul Plyant
Norman Robson as Saygrace
Gina Richards as Lady Touchwood
Glenys Davies as Cynthia
Jenny Quille as Lady Froth
Kathy Godfrey as Lady Plyant
Michael Wiseman as Footman
Georgina Nicholson as Pageboy

Production Co-Ordinator - Suzie Nicholson
Stage Manager - Ben Benest
ASM - Gil Rea
Properties - Phillip Brigstock
Lighting - John Watkins
Sound - Lynne Benest
Set Design - Ben Benest, Andrew Rogers and Keith Pressnell
Set Construction - Ben Benest and Members of BTG
Box Office - Bernard Cane and Suzie Nicholson
Voice and Speech Training - Julie Berry
Front of House - Ann Webb
Front of House Photography - Norman Robson
Prompt - Kath Gold
Costume - Rita Pressnell
Hair - Douglas Druce
Publicity - Helen Sharman and Gina Richards
Programme & Poster Design - Isobel Warrender

This production was performed at The Chiltern Theatre


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