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The Cocktail Party

by TS Eliot

Wednesday 4th June to Saturday 7th June 2003

The Beacon Centre
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Can't Pay, Won't Pay

by Dario Fo

performed by BTG May 1990

A Comedy/Farce

Can't Pay? Won't Pay! tells the story of a Milan housewife, Antonia, who steals a large number of groceries from her local supermarket during a mass protest against rising prices. Knowing that her husband, Giovani, will disapprove, she persuades her dim-witted friend, Margherita, to help her hide the booty in her father-in-laws allotment shed. Giovani's unexpected return home prompts a mad rush to conceal the shopping during which Margherita stashes some bags under her coat and assumes the guise of a pregnant woman. There follows an ever-increasingly-frantic series of confusions, police searches, and misunderstandings that spiral into high farce.

Produced by Andrew Rogers

Phillip Sheahan as Giovanni
Gill Rea as Antonia (his wife)
Bill Tapley as Luigi
Helen Sharman as Margherita (his wife)
Michael Duffy as Man of many parts

Production Manager - Andrew Viall
Production Co-Ordinator - Suzie Nicholson
Assistant to the Director - Jenny Quille
Stage Manager - Ben Benest
ASMís - Peter Lovegrove and Andrew Viall
Lighting - Glenys Davies and Andrew Rogers
Sound - Ann Wyllie and Neil Ridyard
Properties - Ann Webb and Kay Rogers
Graphic Design - Peter Lovegrove
Costume - Rita Pressnell
Front of House - Lynne Benest
Photography - Norman Robson
Box Office - Jenny James and Bernard Cane
Set Design - Andrew Viall
Publicity - Helen Sharman and Min Harris

This production was performed at The Chiltern Theatre.


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