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Present Laughter

by Noel Coward

17th to 20th November 2004

The Beacon Centre
01494 677764

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13ĺ

by Sue Townsend

performed by BTG May 1991

A Play

Adrian Mole excruciatingly details every morsel of his turbulent adolescence. Mixed in with daily reports about the zit sprouting on his chin are heartrending passages about his parents' chaotic marriage. Adrian sees all, and he has something to say about everything. Delightfully self-centered, Adrian is the sort of teenager who could rule a much better world--if only his crazy relatives and classmates would get out of his way.

Produced by Helen Sharman

Dave Farey as Adrian Mole
Imogen Roberts as Pauline Mole
Paul Godfrey as George Mole
Hari Rhys-Williams as Pandora
Peter Farey as Bert
Jenny Quille as Gran/Queenie
Andrew Morriss as Mr Lucas
Jenny McIvor as Mrs Lucas
Paul Wilson as Nigel Kent/Barry
Ann Wyllie as Matron
Liz Lewis as Doreen
Colin Woodley as Mr Scrunton/Electrician
Haidee Sheahan/Sophie Rogers as Girls in Disco
Dog as Himself

Assistant to the Producer - Marion Baldwin
Production Co-Ordinator - Ann Wyllie
Stage Manager - Ben Benest
ASMís - Norman Robson
Set Design - Sophie Arnold and Alex Lutkin
Set Construction - Keith Pressnell and Members of BTG
Lighting - Neil Ridyard and Liz Beckmann
Rigging - Charlie Quille and Andrew Rogers
Sound - Glenys Davies
Properties - Carolyn Jones, Claire Mullen and Kath Gold
Wardrobe - Debbie White
Graphic Design - Claire Murrell
Front of House - Gill and Andrew Viall
Box Office - Lynne Benest and Bernard Cane
Publicity - Gina Richards and Helen Sharman
Photography - Norman Robson

This production was performed at The Chiltern Theatre on Wednesday 15th May to Saturday 18th May 1991.

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