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Laying The Ghost

by Simon Williams

19th to 22nd November 2003

The Beacon Centre
01494 677764

Outside Edge

by Richard Harris

performed by BTG November 1994

A Comedy

Roger has enough trouble assembling his cricket team to play against the British Rail Maintenance Division Yeading East, but these complications pall before those occurring among their various wives and girl-friends. Bob has trouble between wife and ex-wife, Alexis girl-friend locks herself in the loo and has hysterics, Dennis flirts indiscriminately until his wife sets fire to his car, huge Maggie cuddles her tiny Kevin in her fur coat, even Roger's wife - champion teamaker - rebels against his authority and uncovers his unfortunate peccadillo in Dorking. As a final catastrophe, rain starts to fall...

Directed by Cindy Linley

Andrew Rogers as Roger
Helen Sharman as Miriam
Jonathan Margetts as Bob
Tim Layfield as Dennis
Andrew Whitehead as Kevin
Louise Kavanagh as Maggie
Ann Wylie as Virginia
Tim Nichols as Alex
Carla Quelch as Sharon

Assistant to Director - Norman Robson
Production Manager - Sue Dorman
Stage Manager - Graham Southgate
Assistant Stage Manager - Ben Benest
Costume - Chris Quelch
Assist Production Manager - Chris Quelch
Properties - Ann Webb and Lynne Benest
Lighting - Andrew Hallmark
Sound - John Twydle
Set Design - Graham Southgate
Set Construction - BTG Members
Front of House - Irene Bird, Kath Gold and Olive Robson
Publicity - The Team
Box Office - Jenny Duffy
Photography - Norman Robson
Programme Artwork - Sue Dorman and John Twydle

This production was performed at The Beaconsfield School

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