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Present Laughter

by Noel Coward

17th to 20th November 2004

The Beacon Centre
01494 677764

The Amorous Adventures of Joseph Andrews

by Tony Craven

performed by BTG November 1996

A Restoration Comedy adapted from the novel by Henry Fielding

A romp through early 18th Century England - with all the elements that make a good restoration comedy!

Directed by Lynne Benest with Andrew Rogers

Main Characters
Helen Sharman as Mrs Adams
John Hone as Parson Adams
Cassie Sharp as Lady Booby
Alan Taylor as Joseph Andrews
Jenny Quille as Slipslop
Ann Wyllie as Mrs Tow-Wouse
Cindy Linley as Betty
Norman Robson as Barnabas
Claire Greene as Fanny
Stephen Hathrill as Mr Wilson
David Cottam as Squire Booby
Kate Gold as Pamela
Tim Layfield as Justice Frollick
Andrew Rogers as Beau Didapper

Supporting Characters
John Twydle as Robber 1
Helen Sharman as Robber 2
John Gunn as Postillion/Youth 1/Tom
David Cottam as Coachman/Surgeon/Captain
Lesley Buckley as Lady/Mrs Wilson
Norman Robson as Old Gent/Clerk.Squire
Alvin Cohen as Lawyer/Sportsman/Parson/Pedlar/Poet
Tim Layfield as Youth 2/Peter Pounce/Servant
Stephen Hathrill as Henry
John Sharman as Rapist
Kate Gold as Woman
Angela Layfield as Hotesss/Gammer A
David Cottam as Captain
Barnaby Lathom-Sharp as German Dancing Master/Lawyer/Scout/Gaffer A

Assistant to the Director - Sue Dorman
Production Manager - Tim Layfield
Stage Manager - John Twydle
Assistant Stage Managers - Louise Kavanagh and Graham Southgate
Properties - Cindy Linley, Sheila Anderson, Lesley Buckley and Diane Nabavi
Wardrobe - Jenny Quille
Dressers - Denise Lathom-Sharp, Kath Gold and Chris Quelch
Makeup/Hair - Marsha Buckles and Kath Gold
Sound - Dave Gibson
Lighting - Eleanor Bateman and Andrew Hallmark
Set Design - Andrew Rogers and Lynne Benest
Set Construction - BTG Members
Front of House/Box Office - Kay Rogers and Brenda Baker
Photography - Norman Robson
Programme Cover and Poster Design - Michael Duffy
Publicity/Programme Artwork - Sue Dorman

Production Dates were 20th 23rd November 1996.

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