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Past Productions

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Laying The Ghost

by Simon Williams

19th to 22nd November 2003

The Beacon Centre
01494 677764

A Man for all Seasons

by Robert Bolt

performed by BTG November 2000

A Play

Sir Thomas More, chancellor of England, has an unquestioning faith. A devout Catholic, More refuses to support King Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon so he can marry his mistress, Anne. When the petulant king breaks with Rome and the Pope, More resigns his chancellorship in protest. The king is so unsure in his new position as head of the Church of England that More's continued refusal to acknowledge it terrifies him, and More ends up imprisoned in the Tower of London for his stubborn convictions.

Directed by Cassie Sharp

Anthony Sendall as The Common Man
Peter Gilchrist as Sir Thomas More
Malcolm Crawford as Master Richard Rice
Frank Harling as The Duke of Norfolk
Louise Kavanagh as Lady Alice More
Susie Bullock as Lady Margaret More
Barnaby Lathom-Sharp as Cardinal Wolsey
Richard Worland as Thomas Cromwell
Andrew Rogers as Signor Chapuys
Paul Honigmann as Chapuys’ Attendant
Richard Cayzer as William Roper
Phil Howe as King Henry VIII
Ann Wylie as Catherine Anger
Tony Fern as thomas Cranmer

Assistant to the Director - Helen Sharman
Production Manager - Lesley Buckley
Stage Manager and Set Design - Graham Southgate
Lighting Design - Liz Beckmann, Neil Ridyard and John Wilson
Lighting - Dawn Southgate
Sound - Sue Dorman
Set Dressing and Properties - Valerie Honigmann, Lesley Buckley and Eleanor Bateman
Wardrobe - Kat Rogers, Denise Lathom-Sharp and Jenny Duffy
Front of House - Mike Newland
Publicity - Lynne Benest, Helen Sharman and Sue Dorman
Photography - Norman Robson
Programme Cover Design - Phillip Sheahan
Programme Artwork - Sue Dorman

Production Dates were Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th November 2000

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