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Laying The Ghost

by Simon Williams

19th to 22nd November 2003

The Beacon Centre
01494 677764

Death Of A Salesman

by Arthur Miller

performed by BTG February 2002

A Dramatic Play

Nobody believes more fervently in the American Dream than Willy, yet the dream has somehow eluded him. Now he is sixty years old, a beaten and discouraged traveling salesman, with nothing to show for a lifetime of hard work but a small house on a crowded street where grass doesn't grow anymore and apartment houses block his view. Rustling about upstairs are Willy's grown sons, Happy and Biff, home for a visit. Their presence in the house causes Willy to reminisce on happier times; times when their growing strength and athletic feats - especially Biff's - were a source of pride and joy to him; times when it seemed certain that his kids would go out and conquer the world. In this heightened and reflective state ' Willy speaks aloud to his boys as if the two youngsters he fondly remembers from the past had materialized in the room.

Produced by Thelma Harling

Frank Harling as Willy Loman
Sue Dorman as Linda Loman
David Haygarth as Biff Loman
Steven Haygarth as Happy Loman
Gerard McCulloch as Bernard
Peter Kidson as Uncle Ben (Willyís Brother)
Barnaby Lathom-Sharp as Charley
William Barrie as Howard Wagner
Chantal Kastner as Jenny (his secretary)
Caroline McDonnell as The Woman
William Barrie as Stanley (the waiter)
Susie Bullock as Miss Forsyth
Jennie Parry-James as Letta (her friend)

Assistant to the Director - Dana Kidson
Production Manager - Lesley Buckley
Stage Manager - John Twydle
ASMís - Graham Southgate
Set Design - Andrew Rogers
Lighting Design - Liz Beckmann
Lighting - Mark Richards
Sound - Matthew Smith and Neil Ridyard
Wardrobe Mistress - Denise Lathom-Sharp
Wardrobe Team - Jenny Quille, Val Honigmann and Helen Sharman
Hair - Marsh Buckles
Properties - Eleanor Bateman and Dawn Southgate
Front of House - Dawn Southgate and Graham Southgate
Publicity - Lynne Benest
Cast Photography - Norman Robson
Publicity Photography and Design - Tony Sendall
Programme Artwork - Sue Dorman

This production was performed at The Beacon Centre on 27th February 2002 to 2nd March 2002.


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