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The Herbal Bed

by Peter Whelan

March 2nd-5th 2005

The Beacon Centre
01494 677236

Murder In The Cathedral

by T S Eliot

performed by BTG November 1999

A Historical Drama

The play is set in the year 1170, and focuses on the martyrdom of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The play is an exploration of many of the themes central to Christianity suffering and sacrifice, the Eucharist, the role of the Church, and the difficulties of temptation. The play explores both issues of religion and politics, and examines the deepest questions of human existence. The first half of the play closes with the sermon Thomas Becket actually gave on Christmas Day 1170, in which he predicted his death four days later. The second part of the play begins by tracing the liturgical events of the days following Christmas. The peace and calm of the Cathedral is shattered by the arrival of four Knights, who claim to have been sent by King Henry to challenge Thomas. In a battle of words, and eventually brawn, the Knights murder Thomas whilst he is praying before the altar. The play closes with the cast praising God for the martyrdom of Thomas, who is eventually recognised as a sign of hope, as well as of despair, in a typical Christian paradox.

Directed by Barnaby Lathom-Sharp

Lynne Benest
Sue Dorman
Alicia Rogers
Cassie Sharp
Ann Wylie

Tom Chisholm
Laurence Parker
Paul Honigmann

Malcolm Crawford as Messenger
Clive Rogers as Becket
Michael Duffy as 1st Tempter
John Sharman as 2nd Tempter
Frank Harling as 3rd Tempter
Phillip Sheahan as 4th Tempter
Richard Worland as Reginald Fitz Urse
Garth Minikin as Hugh De Morville
John Hone as William De Traci
Paul Godfrey as Richard Brito

Production Manager - Helen Sharman
Stage Manager - Ben Benest
Technical Manager - Graham Southgate
Sound/Lighting - Liz Beckmann, Jonathan Margetts,Neil Ridyard and Andrew Rogers
Costume - Denise Lathom-Sharp and Valerie Honigmann
Front Of House - Norman Robson
Box Office - Graham Southgate, Dawn Southgate and Drysdales
Catering - Lesley Buckley, Graham Southgate and Marsha Buckles
Publicity and Programme Cover Design - Phillip Sheahan
Photography - Norman Robson
Programme Artwork - Sue Dorman
Lighting Consultant - John Wilson
Sound Effects - Brian Greene

Production Dates were 16th to 20th November 1999.

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