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The Herbal Bed

by Peter Whelan

March 2nd-5th 2005

The Beacon Centre
01494 677236

On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson

performed by BTG May 2000

"A Timeless Play"

The story of one summer on Golden Pond when fate brightened the shadows between husband and wife, parent and child and cast new light on the joys of the generation gap.

Directed by Lynne Benest

Frank Harling as Norman
Cindy Linley as Ethel
Laurence Parker as Charlie
Claire Greene as Chelsea
Peter Sharman as Billy Ray Junior
Phil Howe as Bill Ray Senior

Assistant to Director - Sue Dorman
Stage Manager - Ben Benest
Assistant Stage Manager - Helen Sharman
Set Design -Lesley Buckley and David Buckley
Set Construction - David Buckley and Jonathan Burman
Production Manager - Ann Wylie
Lighting Design - Andrew Rogers and Jonathan Margetts
Technical Support - Liz Beckmann and Neil Ridyard
Sound - Marsha Buckles
Lighting - Kay Rogers
Properties - Paul Honigmann, Val Honigmann, Eleanor Bateman and Barnaby Lathom-Sharp
Wardrobe - Jenny Quille
Makeup - Helen Sharman
Hair - Marsha Buckles
Front of House - Norman Robson
Publicity - Phillip Sheahan
Programme Cover Design - Lynne Benest
Programme Artwork - Sue Dorman

Production Dates were 31st May to 3rd June 2000.

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